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4th of July: Get to Fire-Work on These Holiday Recipes

The Fourth of July marks a time for relaxation, celebration, spending time with family and friends, and of course, cooking! Whether you're feasting pot-luck style, or grilling all your favorites, we know the importance of having something for everyone during the holidays. Thats why we have put together a list of food ideas and recipes to make your summer time menu sparkle-r.

Starting off the list is the one and only appetizers. From the freshest tasting salads to one-bite flavor bursting hors d'oeuvres, we're sure these apps will make you and your guests wanting more!

From Delish

What could be better on a hot July day than avocado, corn, tomato, and fresh herbs? Did you know that avocados are a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and contain 4% more potassium than bananas?

These quick and easy Crudite Cups are baguette slices filled with veggies and a delicious dip, making it both nutritious and perfectly bite sized!

If you're looking for a poppin' food for the Fourth, you found it! Not only can you pop this stuffed cherry tomato into your mouth, but its popping with all of the classic BLT flavors that you love. Easy to make and easy to eat!

A twist on a classic appetizer, these skewers will be the highlight of the day. With the freshest ingredients stacked to create the most flavorfully robust bite, you and your guests will be wanting more!

For those of you who love to grill in the summer, especially during the holidays, then this next round of recipes is for you! We have provided an assortment of grilled foods so that meat lovers and vegetarians alike might find something for them!

This squash and cheese casserole is rich in herbs and spices, making it a perfect side dish or can even be served as the main course. Squash is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals including magnesium, fiber, and vitamins A, B6, and C.

Take your cauliflower to the next level with this Lebanese inspired grilling technique. The combination of spices and the smokiness of the grill elevates this vegetable to be main course worthy.

Give this recipe a go if you are a fan of the traditional barbecue style grilling. This cut of meat has about 18 grams of protein and contains calcium, iron, and vitamin C.

Paired with these delicious scallops is the equally as delicious corn salad! The duo will make for a nutritious and fresh main course.

For dessert we have picked just a few that we think will end the celebration with a bang!

These little bites of heaven will send your tastebuds skyrocketing! The perfect layering of strawberry, cheesecake, and blueberries on top is not only the perfect color combo, but the flavors are incredible as well.

Although this recipe requires quite a bit of work, the outcome is completely worth it! Give this recipe a try for a cool way to end the day.

Lead your mouth on an adventure with this blend of textures and flavors. The inclusion of fresh fruit in this dessert makes it that much more delectable!

We want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and hope that this list of recipes has sparked some ideas for your menu. Now get to fire-work!

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