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Health and Wellness Solutions


Lifestyle management should be the first line of intervention to live a healthy life!  Building a strong nutritional foundation is the beginning of how the body prevents, or deals with inflammation, pain, and behavior health. There are strong interconnections between the gut, brain, nerves, and emotions that requires a  balance to stay healthy and prevent chronic disease.  Keeping the body strong starts from within and promotes a quality life.  


Wellness Within provides guidance to individuals who are feeling frustrated about their health and are actively ready to pursue changes to improve their quality of life.  As an expert in nutrition, medical science, and lifestyle management, Cathleen offers virtual one-on-one and group sessions to help clients identify and overcome their most challenging health issues in a convenient and time saving manner.  Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a journey that can only be accomplish at one's own pace. All services are tailored to individual or corporate needs.  Please contact us for further details.



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